COP25 Actions

The Artivist Network strives to support various actions ,protests and marches happening around the climate change conference COP. Come back here to find out when actions will be held during COP25 in Madrid .

This page will be updated daily at 6.00pm CEST.

INSIDE Actions Form

To conduct actions inside COP25, you will need to submit a form to UNFCCC Secretariat ( at least 1 day before your actions.
Form for actions inside can be found here –

You can find out what happens at the art space via this link –


Fossil Of the Day Happens inside Daily at 6.00pm inside Hall4, next to the COP25 sign.

December 2nd

Action & Location :

December 3rd

Action & Location :

December 4th

Action & Location :
Inside Action (Hall 4) 9.00am– #Make Them Pay for Real Climate Solutions.
Inside Action (Hall4)9.30am – No to Coal
Inside Action(Hall 2) 1.15pm – Human Rights Are Non-Negotiable. (Led by indigenous youth to demand governments include human rights in Article 6)

Art space party (Calle Hortaleza 88)6.00pm- 10.00pm – Come together and make banners for Fridays March while having fun!

Indigenous Water Ceremony(Casa De Campos Park)7.00pm

Jellyfish making Workshop (Calle Hortaleza 88) 6.30pm – Come and make jellyfish out of trash plastic for the upcoming march.

December 5th

Action & Location :
Inside Action Hall 4 ( 10-10:30 AM ) – No Carbon Markets

Outside Action,Infront of metro ferrie de madrid( 11:30 AM-12 PM ) – Sayonara Coal – End Japan and G20 countries fossil fuel financing.

December 6th

Action & Location :

Inside Action,Inside Hall 4(9.00am-9.30am) -End Gender Violence FlashMob

Inside action Inside Hall 4(9.30am-10.00am)- Sounding the alarm for climate justice

At Neptuno Atocha-Nuevo Ministerios (6.00pm) -6D Climate march

Meeting points for 6th December in Madrid at 6.00pm

December 7th

Action & Location :

Meeting point La Bolsa de Madrid (1.15pm)
-Toxic Tour of Madrid –

December 8th

Action & Location :

December 9th

Action & Location :
Inside COP25

Inside Action,Inside Hall 4,(11.00-11.30) – Light4Defenders

Inside Action, Outside Hall 6,(12.00-1.00pm) – Fridays For Future Human Chain

Inside Action, To be held outside hall 6 (4.00-4.30pm)-Tar Sands :Game over for the planet

December 10th

Action & Location :
Inside Action,Outside Hall 6 , (4pm)-Human Rights are Non-Negotiable

Japanese Anti-Coal Action with Pikachu. (10.30am) Outside Feria De Madrid Metro Station(Outside IFEMA)

Indigenous Action Honoring our Missing And Murdered Women(10.30am) Outside the US Embassy (Calle De Serrano,100,28006 Madrid:Basement of Starbucks)
#MotherEarth #MMIW #ItTakesRoots #NoMoreStolenSisters
Wear Red

No Carbon Bombs (3.30pm)Outside Feria de Madrid Metro Station(Outside IFEMA)
#KeepItInTheGround #RejectTeck #PermiaEmergency

December 11th

Action & Location :

Inside Action ,Inside Hall 4 (1.00-1.30pm) Christian Aid – Balance mitigation and adaptation Finance

December 12th

Action & Location :

December 13th

Action & Location :