Diary from the Future – Writing Exercise (45 minutes).

– Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed with a pencil and notebook. If you prefer to write on a computer we strongly encourage you to turn off any internet connection and commit to leaving it off for the duration of the exercise. 

Reflection Questions: 

What of the world that surrounds your daily life (either before or during COVID) do you wish were different? How could you imagine that specific issue being resolved? 

Brainstorming Utopias:  – make a list of 5-10 specific things that you are unhappy with in the world pre-covid world around you .

Select 3-5 of these things that you think represent a larger structural problem (ex. There are too much car traffic on my walk to work, this reflects a larger problem of deprioritizing good public transport). 

Spend 5 minutes brainstorming on each thing about ways which it could be improved. Do not limit yourself to what you think is possible, or get stuck on any one idea. Try and jump around as much as possible. 

Select one “solution” that you find particularly compelling and spend 15 minutes free-writing a “Diary Entry from the Future”, imagining you (or another person) are moving through that world. The entry does not need any “plot” or “conflict”, rather it can be a simple first-person account of a day that has become normal to the narrator. 

If you get stuck, think about: What do they see? What do they hear? What do they smell? Who is around them? If they make small talk with someone else, what would that be like? 

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