Month: November 2020

Artivism Gathering, Budapest 2020

The Artivist Network organised its first collaborative gathering as the first physical trainings and arts activist collaborations in Budapest Hungary 2020. Two groups performed their projects for a small group of audience in the last day of the gathering. After that one project , “Untitled” Pressures has created a photo- essay , while the other

Marxa Pel Clima

In 2018 the Artivist Network collaborated with Climacció to run a series of art-builds to support arts organizing ahead of the climate march in Barcelona. Using artivism as a key mobilizing strategy, the groups brought together thousands of people into uniquely developed “bloques” to show the diversity of the local climate movement. Beyond political impact,

SeaChange Voyage

In 2014 and 2017 the Artivist Network convened and led water-bourne journeys down the Hudson River (NY, USA)  that convened community meet-ups, performances and feasts to grow community around the notion of water-as-commons. Specifically, these journeys aimed to support local organizing against the expansion of transport infrastructure for fracked crude oil along the river. In