Artivism Gathering, Budapest 2020

The Artivist Network organised its first collaborative gathering as the first physical trainings and arts activist collaborations in Budapest Hungary 2020. Two groups performed their projects for a small group of audience in the last day of the gathering. After that one project , “Untitled” Pressures has created a photo- essay , while the other group “Slow Down” has created a video- based project.

We invited 14 various political and environmental artists, activists and curators from different backgrounds for a four day project, where we exchanged ideas and discussed various topics.  The two facilitators/artists invited the participants to do different kinds of exercises based on “theater of the oppressed” and the principles, guidelines of creative activism. 

“Untitled Pressures” Photography by Bianka Csenki.

Participants were also asked to pick parts of the building which they felt was inspiring and safe for them through specific exercises and this is how the two groups were created. Being in the surroundings of a large warehouse / old factory, once they settled as two groups interested in certain topics such as; speed of consumption, overproduction, human/ corporate greed, the pressure of modern life, social pressure and isolation. Both groups developed concepts during these four days and then presented to each other on the last day of the gathering as a first rehearsal.

Slow Down, Video by Gergely Ofner, 2020.

Unfortunately we were not able to do a public performance due to Covid- 19 restrictions. However, as a “closing ceremony” we invited some people (almost 30 people) from our circles to come and see what had been made during the gathering, which at the same time was performed as two performances. One project , “Untitled” Pressures has transformed to a photo- essay , while the other group “Slow Down” has created a video- based project after the performance.  

“Untitled Pressures” Photography by Bianka Csenki.

In brief, we have not only prepared physical performances, but also  online creations to be able to share with a larger audience. And we are really excited to share them with you as soon as possible.

If you would like to see the outcomes of our first gathering in Budapest, check out our website and follow us from our social media pages.

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