COP Art Spaces

Each year since 2009, the Artivist Network convenes an independent space for arts-activism around the COP UN Climate Conferences. These spaces have become a referent piece of movement infrastructure that each year supports the production of dozens of creative actions to lift up civil society voices, with priority given to indigenous, youth and global south groups. These spaces are also an active learning laboratory, where international climate activists from around the world exchange techniques and strategies for effective political intervention. The Artivist Network finds, organizes, and maintains these spaces throughout the two week of the UN summit, and provides basic materials for action creation on a donation basis, as well as providing individualized support in action production. These art space become a central organizing space for the international climate movement and have supported the creation of more than a hundred of creative interventions and disobedient actions to lift up underrepresented voices, and have birth hundreds of radical friendships from climate organizers around the world. 

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