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Performance: Expect the Unexpected

Since 2016, the Artivist Network has been innovating the use of storytelling as a tool for mobilizing people towards participation in mass direct action. Expect the Unexpected is  a vibrant 30 minute one-man show that takes your hand and brings you through a multi-media experience to Ende Gelende. The performance shares with its audience: the


The world needs more people giving good trainings on the strategic use of creativity. Our “trainings for trainers” are designed to enable participants to become more effective and creative agents of change, not only inside their own work, but also empowered with new skills to support others in strategically engaging creativity. These trainings mix theoretical

COP Art Spaces

Each year since 2009, the Artivist Network convenes an independent space for arts-activism around the COP UN Climate Conferences. These spaces have become a referent piece of movement infrastructure that each year supports the production of dozens of creative actions to lift up civil society voices, with priority given to indigenous, youth and global south

Jakarta Jungle House

Jakarta JungleHouse Paying heed to the landmark IPCC report calling for ‘drastic and unprecedented action’, the Artivist Network ran the Jakarta Jungle House  in December 2018 in parallel with an artspace organized by the Artivist Network in Katowice, Poland. This was our first experiment with decentralized art-space organizing around the UN Climate process that brought together

Artivism Gathering, Budapest 2020

The Artivist Network organised its first collaborative gathering as the first physical trainings and arts activist collaborations in Budapest Hungary 2020. Two groups performed their projects for a small group of audience in the last day of the gathering. After that one project , “Untitled” Pressures has created a photo- essay , while the other

Marxa Pel Clima

In 2018 the Artivist Network collaborated with Climacció to run a series of art-builds to support arts organizing ahead of the climate march in Barcelona. Using artivism as a key mobilizing strategy, the groups brought together thousands of people into uniquely developed “bloques” to show the diversity of the local climate movement. Beyond political impact,

SeaChange Voyage + Floating Residency (2017)

In 2017 the SeaChange Voyage returned to the Hudson River, this time aboard Solar Sal, a 100% solar powered boat. This time the objective was to use art as a storytelling tool to connect the massive Standing Rock protests to the same supply-chain of fracked crude oil that snaked its way down and along the

SeaChange Voyage (2014)

In 2014, the SeaChange Project formed around the desire to innovate new artistic forms to support the protection of the Hudson River watershed and to gather localized community struggles into the frame of the global climate crisis. The Artivist Network and Mare Liberum – after organizing a series of community boat-builds – embarked down the