Coloring book of Collapse

The coloring book of collapse —- A Window to the World that Awaits 

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We are in a rare moment in history when many of the patterns that dominate “normal” are disrupted. We have a unique opportunity to nurture new qualities that are emerging in these strange times, and to reimagine the destructive and unjust dynamics that dominate the logic of “modernity”. Artists have an important role to play in the necessary work of remaking the world. Before we can create a new world, we first have to be able to imagine it. 

This is an open callout to open a window into that vision of how the world could be. 

Let’s be honest, this will not be all roses and butterflies – but it will be unimaginable. We invite participants to embrace the confusing paradoxes that define life in the climate collapse; the things that don’t make sense, the strange details that tell whole stories, glimpses of hope inside of loss, and the many other creatures and spirits that co-inhabit the old world that is collapsing around us. 

You make the outline – let us color it in.


  • How do you imagine a just transition to a better world?       
  • Where are cracks in the system that give you hope?
  • Where does the human world intersect with the natural world?
  • Where have you already glimpsed the future?
  • What is holding us back and how do we overcome it? 

How to Participate: Create a black and white line image and email it to as well as sharing on social media with #betterthannormal #demandtheimpossible # artivistnetwork . Please include your name, location and any information you would like to accompany your image (ex. Website, instagram, etc.) in the text of your email or post. All images submitted are understood to be Creative Commons Non Commercial License and are requested to be 300 DPI scanned high resolution image 

This project will be available for free download via the Artivist Network website, where it can be traced directly from computer screens or printed. We encourage collaboration, with artists (and children, and bored people at home) coloring images made by others. 

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