No Return To “Normal”: A call-out to re-imagine a future


As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to rewrite the collective future of our planet, it is a time where the future seems far less certain than previously. We know that returning to “normal” is not an option, for that “normal” was a pathway to climate disaster for people and ecosystems across the world. Instead, at moments such as now where our future is at cross-roads, we need inspiration, imagination and creativity that can show and share a better vision for the future. 

We all have a part to play in writing the next chapter of human history, and a responsibility to all those who come after us to unlock our path from one of inequality, destruction and abuse. As the Artivist Network, we see potential in this unique time – where so many of us are staying home – to use our time to experiment with forms of collaboration that can allow us to co-create network, skills and vision. As many of us are now spending so much time indoors, art and a positive mindset is crucial to our wellbeing.
Below you can find a few participatory projects that you can get involved with. We intend this to be a space for cross-pollination, so feel free to react creatively to what others are doing here: perhaps a text inspires you to create an image, perhaps an image inspires a song; lets create together. Please share this invitation with anyone you think may be interested in participating.

Make Change Irresistible : Online Artivism Training’s

The ReWorlding Project: A Collective Diary from the Future(s)

The Coloring Book of Collapse