Jardin D’Alice Art Space

Tens of thousands of people gathered for the COP21 in Paris during the state of emergency, while the authorities were taking extreme measures to stop actions happenning and make us seem voiceless.. However, this did not work out as we were getting closer to the D12 action day   the Jardin D’alice, an amaizing collective of artist and social activists in Montreuil neighborhood  was being used by international activist groups all day every day to create huge and creative tools, banner, horns, flags, stickers, inflatables and you name it, anything which could and should be used to draw attention to corporations and governments who don’t take climate change or climate policies seriously.

The Jardin D’alice was the first and most well structured art space we have seen and managed during the COPs  so far, this was the space which showed that every action, manifestation, skill share camp must have an arts perspective and support to make our work visually more powerfull.

This is where we drew the red line.

The amazing art space with various activities and people coming together to create a diverse array of art for the D12 march.