What We Do!

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” – Bertolt Brecht

The Artivist Network engages a diversity of tactics to create intentional spaces for creative collaboration; from running “Art Spaces” at mass mobilizations, international summits and climate camps to “Artivist Residencies” for movement artists; from nomadic artivist-led voyages to trainings for new activists; from “guerilla communication” to long-term collaboration with movements. 

The Artivist Network works to build capacity of activists and artists to better use creativity to challenge dominant narratives, reframe issues, and lift-up the untold stories of frontline and underrepresented voices. Our projects mix theoretical and practical forms of political and narrative intervention, creating spaces for hands-on collaboration as a way to create inviting low-threshold spaces for self-organization and co-creation that empower activists with new tools for communication, while building community and network. 
The Artivist Network works to expand the vocabulary of activism, offering to the world scaleable new forms of activism that provide an inspiring vision of what the world could be, even as we show it how it is.  The Artivist Network engages  art to support deep cultural change. By grounding the conceptual in the real stories of local struggles, communities and individuals, we are able to provide entrances into this deeper narrative shift that questions and re-imagines the values of globalization. Art is the language of possibility.

Previous ArtSpaces include: The Climate Games 2015 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), COP21 (w/ Jardin d’ Alice and 350.org, Paris, France), COP23 (w/ Rhizome Collective, Bonn, Germany), COP24 (Rondo Artspace, Katowice, Poland), Earth First Camp (2015, 2016. UK), Rolling Restance Camp (2017, UK), BaseCamp (2018, UK), Maleta Art Space (2019, Chile), Ende Gelande (Germany), TTIP-CETA Game Over (Brussels, Belgium), Bali World Beyond Banks ArtSpace (Bali, Indonesia), Limity Jsme My (Czech Republic), Obódz Dla Klimatu (Poland), Austrian Climate Camp (Austria), COP15 (w/ YOUNGO, Copenhagen), COP16 (w/ YOUNGO, Cancun), COP17 (Durban), COP20 (w/ Tierra Activa, Peru), 8M Woman’s Strike (w/ Arts Can Battlo, Barcelona), Fridays for Future (Barcelona), Fridays for Future (Budapest), Fridays for Future (Malaysia), Powershift Conferences (2007, 2009, 2011. USA) and more…

J’Ardin De Alice Art Space in Paris 2015 for COP21

Rhizom Art Space in BONN 2017 for COP23

Bali World Beyond Banks Art Space

Rondo Art Space in Katowice Poland for COP24

Jakarta House ,Parallel to Rondo Art Space for COP24

Climate Camp Tour Europe 2019

Climate Camp Tour Malaysia 2019

Maleta Art Space in Santiago Chile for COP25

Standing Rock Art Space in Madrid for COP25