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How To Organize an ArtSpace

Climate Justice Stencils

Climate Change Art Literacy

Fossil Fuel Divestment Manual

Online Resources

Actipedia – a wiki for creative activism

Beautiful Trouble – tactics, theory and casestudies of creative activism

Beautiful Rising – action storytelling – arts organizing for climate justice

Training Resources

Online Artivism Training Series

Photography as direct action: Tactics and principles for a radical imagination
Online Artivism Training with Oriana Eliçabe

Oriana Elicabe, international movement photographer and tactical innovator, reflects on her past decades of using photography as a tool for societal change. From her days as a photographer with the Zapatistas to her current participatory photographic direct action projects with the Enmedio collective, she investigates a number of case-studies to explore how the tactics and principles of creative direct action and can be applied to photography.

Oriana Eliçabe: Fotógrafa documentalista y agitadora cultural. Miembro del colectivo Enmedio desde su fundación. Desde allí coordina el TAF! (Taller de Acción Fotográfica), un taller de fotografía aplicada a la intervención urbana donde fomentan una actitud crítica respecto a los usos contemporáneos de la fotografía y su relación con la realidad social. Ha vivido y fotografiado el levantamiento zapatista entre 1995-1999 como corresponsal para la AFP. Formó parte de diversos colectivos de arte y activismo como Las Agencias, Yomango. En su trayectoria documental destacan los proyecto Madres Lesbianas, Movimiento Global, ≠efectoGEZI y la revuelta popular de Argentina de 2001 y sus consecuencias.

Designing for Movements 

Visual communications specialist and designer Ange Tran presents on the role and power of (graphic) design in building and supporting movements. Her presentation focuses on the role of design in translating complex ideas into public-facing campaigns, communications and exhibitions. She also explore ways in which graphic design can be more than just visual communication, but how design can create creative tools that engage new groups in new ways. This presentation is specifically useful for anyone who wants to improve the power of their group’s visual communications! 

Art & Community with A.G. Sano

Guerrero M. Saño or A.G. is a renowned and multi-awarded Filipino artist who has painted more than 700 murals in 16 countries depicting peace and environment. He is part of the Climate Revolution of DAKILA, an initiative to raise awareness and lobby against climate change in the media and policy making institutions in the country as well as in the UNFCCC. He is an essential member of the Climate Walk and People’s Pilgrimage, advocating  the fight against climate change inter acting with climate resilient communities and pushing for low carbon emissions through education and information by walking long distances across the globe and connecting/ engaging with communities along the way. In this online artivism training A.G. reflects on his experiences of using art as a tool for change.

Formación de Artivismo 

Kevin Buckland (Artivist Network)

Juntas investigaremos algunos de los mejores ejemplos del activismo creativo, analizando las tácticas y las herramientas que nos ofrecen las intervenciones creativas y impactantes. 

Our second webinar was at 1200 CET ,Wednesday 6/5/2020 . We will be having Daniel Floxx, an amazing street artist from Hungary talking to us about Public Art and Artivism.

Demand the Impossible – Kevin Buckland (Artivist Network)

This online training aims to provide both strategic and tactical frameworks that allow participants in understanding activism as a tool to shift dominant narratives, to reframe current concepts, and to reimagine the scope of the possible. Together we will investigate some of the best examples of creative activism, looking into both the tactics and tools of effective creative intervention. 

Kevin Buckland -from cardboard circuses to creative direct action. Kevin is a Barcelona-based artivist, storyteller, and a co-director of The Artivist Network. He has been training on creative activism inside the global climate justice movement since 2007 and was the Global Artivist Coordinator with from 2009- 2015. He has given more than a hundred trainings, workshops and training-for-trainers on 5 continents, and is currently touring a performance based on mass direct action for climate justice. twitter: @change_of_art