RHIZOM Art Space

Germany, Bonn 2017.

Two years after the Paris agreement it was the Global South who ” hosted ” the COP23 Fiji  in Bonn, Germany. The last large space we had on this continent was the Jardin D’alice, it was an important question where and how we can set up a space which can facilitate as many groups of people as which we could achieve in Paris.

Our first art space was at the COY13 ( conference of youth ) where we had a great line of workshops and a nice open space for people to come and create.

As last minute as it was, it came together the best way possible thanks to the amaizing arts collective RHIZOM who had a shared space in the center of Bonn, the space we had was perfect for creating large visuals and our puppets who went around disrupting lobbyist, supporting actions in and outside the COP. Our situation was verry different than the last time where the state tried to cripple us with adjusting the state of emergency and taking our right to protest. This time with the location being in a smaller, very relaxed city meant we could focus on creating tons of art and supporting the action groups make their art for the actions they planned.